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Have you ever wondered how you can generate income as an AirBnB or short term rental host?

I can show you my side hustle step-by-step and how I make six figures and live rent-free!

What we offer

5 Star SuperHost Training & Coaching

Take the fast track to your success in getting your short term rental off the ground.  Learn from a 5-Star SuperHost/Property Owner who does this as a side hustle to live rent free.

Assistant Property Management

No successful entrepreneur can do it alone.  It is key to find a person that you trust to clean, organize, and help you to maintain the property.  We can train your team member.  Spanish speaking services are available.

Virtual Customer Happiness Service

One major key to your success is rapid customer happiness service. Most sites that host your property expect you to respond within 24 hours.  BUT and this is a big ole BUT, people are looking at more than one option and your rapid response can get you to close the deal by renting your property.  We can help until you are ready to fly on your own!

Take a look at my listings

2nd Floor Apartment Montclair NJ USA


2 bedroom spacious apartment in one of America’s main streets in Montclair NJ.  Parking is available too.  Walk 700 steps to catch the bus to NYC.  Enjoy the city and them come back to the suburbs.

3rd Floor Charming Cozy Yet Spacious Montclair NJ Apartment


Third floor apartment in Victorian/Colonial home in Montclair NJ.  Walk to hundreds of restaurants, shopping, museum, library, downtown and to NYC public transportation.

Montclair NJ: A Great Place to Live or Visit


Township of Montclair

The Township of Montclair is a truly unique New Jersey community. Nestled at the foot of the First Watchung Mountain, Montclair is most identified by its diverse population, grand old homes, proximity to New York City and its thriving arts community. The second largest university in the state resides in Montclair as well as an art museum, live theaters, art galleries and a wide range of boutiques. Montclair’s vibrant downtown is flush with restaurants, movie theaters, shops and nightlife that attract visitors from all over the region.

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